Nine Subtle Signs of a Silent Spoonie

Here are nine signs that your friend might be a spoonie but hasn’t said anything. … More Nine Subtle Signs of a Silent Spoonie


Photos and Feelings

A couple of weeks ago, we went round the roundabout twice as dad tried to work out how to get to the drop-off zone. Two hours parking in our hometown bought us a five minute drop off at the airport. It was a case of getting the bags out of the car, hugging him, then leaving. He didn’t look back. I think I might have cried if he had. … More Photos and Feelings

The Words

They’re just there. For as long as I remember their low murmur has been there in the deep parts of my mind, trickling down the back of my throat so that I can’t quite taste them. My hands know what my tongue can’t reach. They learned to form the letters like a printing press so … More The Words