You Are Here (But Not Forever)

This year has been one of pandemic, murder hornets, rioting, and (most recently) thundersnow. The truth is that for many people it has felt like a big yellow YOU ARE (stuck) HERE sticker without any map underneath to tell us where Here is. For some people, it means they've lost their bearings, for others, they're losing their minds. I just waned to remind you that You Are Here:

A Bittersweet Victory

The feud began when Elby scurried out from beneath the sofa one evening and was startled to find me still sitting in my chair. I wasn't so much startled as horrified, but had I not gasped like a Victorian lady in need of her smelling salts, I don't think he would have paid me any mind.

Photos and Feelings

A couple of weeks ago, we went round the roundabout twice as dad tried to work out how to get to the drop-off zone. Two hours parking in our hometown bought us a five minute drop off at the airport. It was a case of getting the bags out of the car, hugging him, then leaving. He didn't look back. I think I might have cried if he had.