Questions on The Book

After all this time, I finally answer some questions about The WIP That Has No Name. … More Questions on The Book


Knock-Off Shoes, Mocha Kids, and Intersectional Disunity

Lecrae’s recent decision to walk away from ‘white evangelicalism’ suggests that the church is beginning to swallow the poison of intersectionality. But we’re to love each other as Christ commanded and gospel loving never leads to ecclesiastical apartheid. Here’s some thoughts from a privileged white girl.
More Knock-Off Shoes, Mocha Kids, and Intersectional Disunity

About a Girl

They say that it’s because you were born inside the wrong body, that you can’t help it. They say that it’s brave for you to try to fix that problem, that you should be true to yourself. They say that embracing these feelings will make things so much better for you. That this won’t hurt … More About a Girl

Beginning a Blog…

With technology constantly changing and developing, we have more opportunities that ever to have out words, pictures, and voices find their way to people we don’t even know and will probably never meet.


This week has been very busy and will only get busier (I have an essay due Thursday but I’m working the next two nights so I need to get it done today). So instead of writing a full on post, here are some more little snippets from my notebook. They are not necessarily true, they … More Notes


There were four of them. Binbags, huddled like mourners in the corner of the room. I looked at them for some time but neither of us said anything. What was there to say? It had been another in a long list of extra tasks for the night, the closest I would come to getting a … More Four