This week has been very busy and will only get busier (I have an essay due Thursday but I’m working the next two nights so I need to get it done today). So instead of writing a full on post, here are some more little snippets from my notebook. They are not necessarily true, they … More Notes


There were four of them. Binbags, huddled like mourners in the corner of the room. I looked at them for some time but neither of us said anything. What was there to say? It had been another in a long list of extra tasks for the night, the closest I would come to getting a … More Four


It was -7c in the night but now morning is here and the frost lies scattered like ashes. It’s Thanksgiving Day. beat-beat-breathe. beat-beat-breathe In the early hours I held her hand, bones wrapped in bulging veins and parchment skin. She closed her eyes and asked me every thirty seconds of that blue-light half hour to … More Frost