The Switch

Originally posted on Christian and Creative:
It should’ve been me.               Those are the haunting words etched into your skull when destinies alter and someone else’s life is cut short. They were sitting in your seat when the bullet was fired. They leapt in the icy waters and pulled you out. They saw the exchange…

Day 2: God

In which we are introduced to the Hero of the Epic Saga. … More Day 2: God


In evangelism we are, to some extent, looking for the elect but the other part of the quest is to be warning everyone else along the way. It would be cruel not to.

They’re not coming.

They wouldn’t come even if they knew to. … More Quest

Put On Your Small And Walk

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I recently saw an old friend I hadn’t seen in years. She had always been a beautiful woman in all the best ways. Nothing had dimmed, but something had definitely changed. During the years we’d lived close, I’d known how hard she’d struggled under the weight of gaining (and not losing)…

Theologian Valentines

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A few years ago, I saw some hilarious Valentines based on dictators. And I thought, I should totally do that with famous theologians! (Because, you know, that’s how my brain works.) So here you go! Also, if you don’t present the Calvin valentine with a bouquet of tulips, you…