Play On

It’s been a while. How I’ve missed you. Since I’m a little busy at the moment, I’ve decided to do something slightly different and share a playlist of things I’m listening to at the moment.I’ve done my best to include only one song from each artist and to go with songs and artists that you’re … More Play On

Grace (a song)

I’m not a big one on lyric-sharing. There’s something so… I don’t know… girly? about it. The coffee drinking instagramming, I-can-play-three-chords-sorta kind of girly. But anyway. I wrote this and it’s in need of a little refinement. It has a tune and everything. So I though I would share it because music makes me feel … More Grace (a song)


Hello lads! Turns out in the midst of the chaos that we are indeed one week ahead in the writing challenge so rest and take it easy this week. It’s probably a good job, it has been one of those awful weeks where you’re never quite sure if what’s happening is real or whether you … More Lingkupiku

A Simple Song

Hello lads! There’s a song going round my head. It has been pestering me a little but the words are very good though they’re simple so I thought I’d share it. The title escapes me: bukan dengan barang fana                              Not with temporal things  kau membayar dosaku                                      You paid for my sins;  dengan darah yang mahal                               with expensive blood       tiada noda dan celah                                         without stain or blemish. bukan dengan emas perak                               Not with silver … More A Simple Song

Simple Moving

Music robs the soul of all but desire, the desire to play on until the colours drag us under. The cajon’s heartbeat and the fiddle’s laughter coax the guitar’s shy smile, the rhythm echoed in the fumbling feet on the livingroom floor. Just don’t close your eyes. The moment you do, you are lost. The … More Simple Moving