27 Things Writers Think After Finishing Their First Draft

Finishing your first draft is a highly emotional experience. Many people think that it is the end of writing a book but I’m afraid it is only the beginning… … More 27 Things Writers Think After Finishing Their First Draft


5 Top Teas

It’s cold. And wet. And miserable. So let’s talk about something warm and lighthearted for a change. Here’s my five favourite teas (with bonus honourable mentions!). … More 5 Top Teas

Onwards and Upwards

There are a lot of memes going around about this year. Memes about this year going around, that is. Some of them are actually quite funny. No one can deny that it has been a rather peculiar year for everyone. So in light of all the sadness, strangeness, and semi-unexpected nonsense going on this year … More Onwards and Upwards

Play On

It’s been a while. How I’ve missed you. Since I’m a little busy at the moment, I’ve decided to do something slightly different and share a playlist of things I’m listening to at the moment.I’ve done my best to include only one song from each artist and to go with songs and artists that you’re … More Play On