Sparks, Settlers, and the Sea in Between

A new year is breaking. We do not know what it will bring except that it will bring us another cycle nearer to coming face to face with the one our soul loves and what will he say of you? Who are you? And who should you be? … More Sparks, Settlers, and the Sea in Between


Knock-Off Shoes, Mocha Kids, and Intersectional Disunity

Lecrae’s recent decision to walk away from ‘white evangelicalism’ suggests that the church is beginning to swallow the poison of intersectionality. But we’re to love each other as Christ commanded and gospel loving never leads to ecclesiastical apartheid. Here’s some thoughts from a privileged white girl.
More Knock-Off Shoes, Mocha Kids, and Intersectional Disunity

About a Girl

They say that it’s because you were born inside the wrong body, that you can’t help it. They say that it’s brave for you to try to fix that problem, that you should be true to yourself. They say that embracing these feelings will make things so much better for you. That this won’t hurt … More About a Girl


Mama, Please forgive me, I’m so sorry. I know that you’re not happy with me and that I am and will be a source of pain to you but I promise I don’t mean it.

Holy Sonnet X

Death, be not proud, though some have called thee Mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so; For those whom thou thinkst thou dost overthrow Die not, poor Death…   It feels as though it shouldn’t happen on sunny days and yet it inevitably does. People seem to make a point of passing away under … More Holy Sonnet X