The Sorrow of the Last Laugh

His was the natural response of us all, sinful rebellion in its classically arrogant form. It was upsetting to remember a time when we were exactly the same, and to know that we of all people, weary but persistent, might have been the last gesture of mercy extended to this man in his lifetime. … More The Sorrow of the Last Laugh


Ain’t Got No Time For Cults

Every JW you will ever meet was someone’s best pal in primary school. Every Catholic has a favourite movie they could watch over and over and still find funny. Every Mormon gets homesick at some point on their two year mission. Every single one of them needs the gospel. … More Ain’t Got No Time For Cults

On Being Heard

Sometimes you just want to get on with your work. But the nurse on duty was being polite and asking what I studied. Then his moustache twitched excitedly and his eyes lit up and out poured a tale of world travel and priest training and the joy of hermeneutics. A discussion of Mary as co-redemptrix … More On Being Heard

Raising Servants

It began with books, it always does. And then things happened and time passed and another book proved the catalyst, culminating in a throwaway comment by a man in a blue shirt which finally consolidated my thinking on the matter. Over the years I have been noticing a gradual disconnect amongst my generation. There is … More Raising Servants

Searching for Rahab

  One of the things I love about the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew is verse five. This random woman pops up, not even Jewish. Not only was she a gentile though, she was a prostitute originally too. But there she is in the family tree of the Messiah no less. Her name is Rahab.

Mercy Me

There are all sorts of bad news. None of it is pleasant to have to break to people. It has to be done just right and it’s so difficult. You have to time it so that you catch them from falling just as you shatter the world out from under them. The part that is … More Mercy Me