5 Misconceptions About Independent Churches

I am currently finishing up a degree in Theology and if I’ve learned anything in my four years here it’s that people just have no clue about independent churches. It makes for fascinating but frustrating conversation. This is not a heartbreaking account of Scottish church history with its splits and counter splits, it is a guided glimpse into the deepest, darkest, least explored corner of Everyone Else. … More 5 Misconceptions About Independent Churches


Mercy Me

There are all sorts of bad news. None of it is pleasant to have to break to people. It has to be done just right and it’s so difficult. You have to time it so that you catch them from falling just as you shatter the world out from under them. The part that is … More Mercy Me

Why I Write

Once upon a time there were three bears. They lived in a house in the woods. One day they went for a walk and Goldilocks found their house. She ate their porridge and went to sleep in their bed. When they came back they were so angry they gobbled her up. So reads the earliest … More Why I Write