Dear Sir

Dear Sir, My friend and I knocked on your door and you told us that it is the younger generation that we should be telling about God. I completely agree with you. When I look around at my generation, it breaks my heart. School friends constantly show off images of their wild nights, proudly displaying packed … More Dear Sir

Tears for Tardi

It’s the end of term at last and I was doing a wee bit spring cleaning when I came across this piece I wrote when I was sixteen. It was strange reading it but it filled me with that sad happiness you sometimes get from memories. Hope you enjoy it. It was raining heavily when … More Tears for Tardi


Hi guys! Sadly, it was a week of not very good sunsets up here but here you are nonetheless. First a quote from my good buddy Keats to make up for the disappointing picture: O that our dreamings all, of sleep or wake, Would all their colours from the sunset take: From something of material … More Sunset