Singapore Girl

Hi guys!

I’ve been busy this week so I haven’t had time to do the photo challenge. I have, however, recently come into possession of a beautiful Dianthus of the Singapore Girl variety.

I found it in the garden centre in Cupar and it was so lovely that I picked one up. It’s been a couple of weeks now but the first bud has finally popped and she’s so pretty I thought I’d share her with you.

Untitled-1 copy

It was overcast today so the light was a bit on the blue side but isn’t she lovely? And the smell! It’s a strong scent and reminds me of warm spices but isn’t too sweet. There are at least three more buds still to open so hopefully they’ll come one at a time so we can enjoy them for longer. I’m rather encouraged by her good health since my orchids are still looking a bit on the sulky side but it’s early days yet.

‘He makes all things beautiful in their time.’

What’s your favourite flower?

Cara xabstract-watercolour-art-painting-love-heart-12-by-emma-plunkett.jpg 


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