Singapore Girl

Hi guys! I’ve been busy this week so I haven’t had time to do the photo challenge. I have, however, recently come into possession of a beautiful Dianthus of the Singapore Girl variety.

Put On Your Small And Walk

Originally posted on Given Breath:
I recently saw an old friend I hadn’t seen in years. She had always been a beautiful woman in all the best ways. Nothing had dimmed, but something had definitely changed. During the years we’d lived close, I’d known how hard she’d struggled under the weight of gaining (and not losing)…

The Last Passing for Muster

I knew instinctively what the 7am phone call was about but wanted only to slip back into sleep. And somewhere an alarm clock would not stop ringing and it was driving me to despair. Perhaps something inside me knew that I should be awake and ringing too. But I was not. I wasn’t anything.


Hi guys! Before I give you this week’s photo, I’d like to share a few lines of Keats. I found a paperback of his complete works for four quid in the bookshop so I picked it up, being painfully aware of how little literature I read. So the poems of Keats have been my holiday … More Colours