Hello lads!

Turns out in the midst of the chaos that we are indeed one week ahead in the writing challenge so rest and take it easy this week. It’s probably a good job, it has been one of those awful weeks where you’re never quite sure if what’s happening is real or whether you might wake from a drug induced coma any minute now. On the upside it was great to see some family friends who came to stay over the weekend and I can now weld not too badly (but obviously far from perfectly). My main deficiency is my tendency to have a slag trap towards the front where the initial spark startles me (gets me every time) and the angle goes wrong. But I don’t know that you actually understand that. Or even need to know…

On the other hand, there has been some pretty bad news this week which has caused great puzzlement as well as sorrow but there are mysteries in life which we will never know the answers to and God never does anything which is not good and merciful and to his glory. We just don’t always understand how it can be these things. But a song has been playing in my mind which has brought me comfort and I would like to share it with you. I’m not really much of a lyric sharer – just to let you know – so the past couple of posts are a little odd for me. This song is called Lingkupiku or Hold Me:


Lingkupiku                                                    Enfold me

Dengan sayap-Mu                                      With Your wings 

Naungiku                                                      Shade me

Dengan kuasa-Mu                                      With Your power


Di saat badai bergelora                           When the storms rage

Ku akan terbang bersamaMu                I will fly with You

Engkaulah Raja atas semesta                You are King above the universe

Ku tenang s’bab Kau Tuhanku.             I am at peace because You are my Lord.


So as the questions unfold into the Silence of God (see Andrew Peterson’s song of the same title), Lingkupiku plays and replays reminding me that I don’t need answers because the King over the universe is my God and as surely as the sun rose bright and beautiful this Easter Sunday morning, the Son rose in glory that first Easter Day.

Happy Easter all and even if life weighs heavily for you, remember that life eternal has been won and Christ is victorious just as he was that first Easter and will be always to the end of the age. The war is won so soldier on, fighting the good fight of faith.

Wishing every blessing,



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