Writing Challenge Response – Week One

It’s been a hectic week and so I am a day or two behind but here’s the response to Monday’s challenge. It’s pretty poor but please post your tries or a link to your writing or something in the comments. It would be great to see how other people found the exercise.

Write a poem about hope without using the word hope:

The world is dark and light is precious,

The chill wind grinds its bitter claws.

Faith huddles there; grim resolution

Waiting for the pain to thaw.


Another world lies within this one

With its glorious, shining skies.

So even now we must move forward,

Searching past the hard goodbyes.


It was expected, as the year died,

That which kept us would be gone

But nowt gives man such strength and courage

For in the night, the light lives on.



what you saying?

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